What makes a mechanic tool set great?

Both mechanics and people from all walks of life will tell you that they have had an occasion in which they needed to make a quick fix of something but couldn’t get it done because they didn’t have the right tools at hand. This common scenario can be easily avoided by owning a good mechanic tool set. There is nothing quite like owning a good set of tools, but what exactly constitues a great set of tools? What distinguishes the good from the great? Well, to help you answer that question, below we list some of the most desirable qualities you should look for if you are in the market for a new mechanic tool set.

Essential tools

Of course, the number one thing that you should look for in any set of tools for mechanics or for people who don’t mind doing some handy work to fix things around the house is that it has the most essential tools for any job. You want the set to have anything and everything you need to fix either your car or your sink, your electrical fixtures or your wall-mounted appliances, and everything in between. Screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, pliers, and more should be a part of your arsenal when looking into getting a set of tools.


Having a portable mechanic tool set is vital to fulfill any task you set your mind to. You need to be able to carry your tools with you wherever you go, and with that in mind, the mechanic tool set you choose should come in a format that is easy to carry and pack along to go from one place to another. Not necessarily these sets have to come into a foldable box, but ideally they should turn into a sort of protective case, a cart you can roll around, or something along those lines. The most common presentation is the classic toolbox, but nowadays there are tons of options for everyone.


Last but not least, your toolbox should be versatile. For people who work in mechanics and people with just the goal of repairing things around the house, it is a bit hard to think of ways in which a mechanic tool set can be helpful other than being literally a box for your tools. A versatile tool box, for instance, can also double as a measuring tape or level. Some boxes that can carry tools come with equipped extras like that right in the box, and having them around can prove incredibly useful once you know you can count on them.

Regardless of the task you are thinking of tackling with your new tools, think of the aspects above before making a choice. Keeping in mind that you probably won’t buy a second set of tools, make sure that the one you get does include this sort of additional features. You never know when you can need them and it is always better having something and not needing it than needing it and not having it. Your next tool set is no exception to this rule.

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