Dremel Accessory Kit

The all-round purpose and size of a rotary tool make it a necessary tool for various people. Such as; electricians, plumbers, contractors, remodelers, and people that work themselves without calling a professional. This tool gives the owner or user access to numerous solutions of sanding, polishing, grinding, cutting, drilling, and so on.

Dremel Accessory kit usually contains different rotary cutting tools for various tasks, as well as specific tools for specific work purposes. The best rotary tool accessory kit is found to be manufactured by the Dremel brand.

However, keep in mind that these tools are perfect for tasks on a small scale. Such as using an orbital or belt sander for a sanding job, using a cordless drill or drill press for a drilling job, using a bench grinder for a grinding job, and so on.

Quick change chuck that gives way to fast switches between attachments without the need for a wrench is usually provided by some models.

Some Dremel Accessory Kits

1. Dremel 710-08 All-Purpose Rotary Accessory Kit, 160-Piece

This kit is suitable for those who prefer sanding bits, do numerous work of sanding shaping, cutting, and smoothing of plastic or wood. Also, for people that do cleaning and polishing and also need sanding bit to smooth their dog’s nails.

This accessory kit comprises of the following;

  • Storage Case
  • 5 Dremel EZ Accessories
  • Carving/Engraving: 1 cutter bit
  • Cutting: 3 cutoff wheels
  • Cleaning/Polishing: 12 bits
  • Grinding/Sharpening: 3 bits
  • Sanding: 137 bits
  • Other: 4 other bits
  • TOTAL BITS: 160

2. Dremel 720-05 160 Piece Accessory Kit

This kit is not suitable for those that want an evenly balanced package, people that cut and grind metal, engravers, and carvers. This is because there are not enough tools to do these properly.

This accessory kit consists of;

  • Storage Case
  • 6 Dremel EZ Accessories
  • Carving/Engraving: 1 Bit
  • Cutting: 1 cut off wheel
  • Cleaning/Polishing: 11 Bits
  • Grinding/Sharpening: 2 Bits
  • Sanding: 132 Bits
  • Other: 7 Bits
  • TOTAL BITS: 160

3. Dremel 709-01 110 pc Super Accessory Kit

This accessory is the right choice for people that wants to clean and polish, cut wood and plastic, cut and grind metal or steel, sand woods or their dog’s nails, and so on.

This accessory kit entails;

  • Storage Case
  • Carving/Engraving: 1 Bit
  • Cutting: 26 cutoff wheels
  • Cleaning/Polishing: 12 Bits
  • Grinding/Sharpening: 6 Bits
  • Sanding: 62 Bits
  • Other: 5 collects and one wrench
  • TOTAL BITS: 110

4. Dremel 709-02 110-Piece All-Purpose Rotary Accessory Kit

This accessory kit is not the perfect choice for engravers, carvers, and those that prefer grinding and sharpening.

The following make up this accessory kit;

  • Storage Case
  • No Dremel EZ Accessories
  • Carving/Engraving: 1 Bit
  • Cutting: 26
  • Cleaning/Polishing: 9 Bits
  • Grinding/Sharpening: 4 Bits
  • Sanding: 65 Bits
  • Other: 5 Bits
  • TOTAL BITS: 110 Bits

5. Dremel 689-01 11-Piece Rotary Tool Carving and Engraving Kit

This kit is for those who would like to do some grounding works, carvers, and engravers.

This tool kit has;

  • Storage Box
  • Carving/Engraving: 6 Bits (plus a diamond bit)
  • Grinding/Sharpening: 4 Bits
  • Other: 1 Collet
  • TOTAL BITS: 11

6. Dremel 684-01 20-Piece Clean and Polish Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

For people that are looking to clean and polish with brushes.

It’s content are;

  • Storage Box
  • Cleaning/Polishing: 20 Bits plus polishing compound and two screw mandrels
  • TOTAL BITS: 20

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